Starting the costumes again.

Posted on by Barbara Mitchelhill

Yes, I know I said I was making Tudor outfits.  I know it’s been ages since I made that first undershirt and took it to the school down the lane to see if it was a good size for a ten year old girl.  And it wasn’t.  And I had to start again.  Yes, I know that was weeks ago – but I’ve been really busy with the final edits for my next book.  See, I told you writers did lots of things.  Having edits from you editor mean that you make changes to the book which can be difficult sometimes.  If you make even a small change, it can have a knock-on effect and creates more changes earlier in the story.  So, it takes ages.  Until Sunday at 10pm, I was working really hard.

On Monday, knowing I’d sent the book to my editor, I decide to go and buy some more fabric.  This time I chose to red fabric to make a red petticoat.  I found just the thing and I couldn’t wait to get home to cut it out.  The colour was fabulous.  In Tudor time, girls and women wore red petticoats because they believed that red next to the skin would promote good health.  This petticoat should be easy to make, don’t you think?

Tomorrow I have a meeting with some film people who are going to make a short trail for Road to London.  I’m very excited about this and I’m looking forward to hearing some of their ideas.


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