Meeting up for coffee

Posted on by Barbara Mitchelhill

Yesterday, I dropped into the headquarters of the Shropshire Schools Library Service to have coffee with the wonderfully energetic Pam Parish.  Sitting in her office, surrounded by books, we chatted about all those things that librarians and writers talk about.  I told her about my next book, ‘Road to London’ – gabbled on a bit, really, but then I still feel so excited about something I only finished a couple of months ago.  Pam told be about the Children’s University which seems like a terrific idea and will broaden children’s education and, hopefully, will make it more fun.  Watch this space.  We swapped notes on books we had read.  I’d just finished Louisa Young’s ‘My dear, I wanted to Tell You’ – a beautifully written story of WWI which left me wanting it to go on.  Pam recommended ‘The Final Act of Mr Shakespeare’ by Robert Winder and given that ‘Road to London’ (out in April 2012) is about William Shakespeare, I was very interested to hear about this one.  We both moaned a bit about the economic situation, of course; how it is affecting libraries (Pam) and how it was affecting publishers (me) and wishing there was more money to spend on books.

We chatted for a long time and, as I drove home, I thought how lucky we were to have libraries and librarians who are the most wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful people.  Schools couldn’t do without them and neither could writers. Bless them all.



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