Making Tudor Outfits

Posted on by Barbara Mitchelhill

I bet you think writers spend all their time writing, don’t you? Well, this week I’ve been doing something different. I began making Tudor outfits so that I will be able to take them into schools when my next book Road to London comes out next year. The book is about a boy in 1599 who runs away to London to find his hero, William Shakespeare.

You’ll be surprised by what Tudor girls and boys wore. They couldn’t have clothes made of cotton (because it didn’t grow in Britain) or synthetic fabrics (because they hadn’t been invented). They wore clothes made out of cotton or wool. If they were rich would they might have silk, too.
This week, I’ve stitched the girl’s smock which is long and loose with long sleeves. It would be worn under a skirt and bodice like the one shown in the middle of the pattern cover.




Oh dear! I’ve just got back from trying the smock on girls from my local school, Bishop Lonsdale Primary and it’s too small. I’ll have to start all over again. Hope I’ve got enough fabric.

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