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Posted on by Barbara Mitchelhill

Yes, this is a picture of me working hard.  You can see that Ella is sitting near me to make sure I get the work done.  I’m actually checking the proofs of Road to London which will be published at the beginning of April. The proofs of the book arrived from the printer about a week ago and I had to set about reading them very carefully.  Nobody wants to read books with mistakes in them and so I must look out for all kinds of errors – spelling, typos and grammatical mistakes.  I find it quite hard to find mistakes because I know the book so well and I guess that I see what I expect to see – so I’m not a brilliant proof reader.  Just as well that there are several other people who do the proof reading, too.

When the cover of the book arrived, I was very pleased with it.  Several people work on the design but I’m able to discuss it with the editors who pass my comments and ideas on to the graphic designers.  There have been several designs before this final one was chosen.  I think it reflects Thomas’s escape to London and the fact that this adventure is set in Tudor Times.  I love the red of the background, the Tudor roses and the ruby brooch – and, if you look near the horse’s legs, you’ll see a milestone which shows how far it is to London.

I think the designers have done a brilliant job!



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