Stone Book Festival

Posted on by Barbara Mitchelhill

Yesterday, I went to Stone which is a lovely market town in the heart of Staffordshire with a lively interest in books.  I met up with over a hundred children in the library which is in the High Street and so the children were able to walk from their schools.


This is Clare Shaw, library manager and Charlie Hearing, chairperson of the Stone Festival.

I had a lot of help from the library staff (especially on the IT front!) and from the Festival chairperson, Charlie Hearing.



Looking at the gas mask for a baby as used in WW2


We talked about my book ‘Run Rabbit Run’ and the children looked at WW2 memorabilia including the frightening gas mask for a baby.  The children already knew quite a lot about the war and we talked about how a book is written and also about my latest book ‘Road to London’ which is set in 1599 and is all about a boy chasing his dream of becoming an actor like William Shakespeare.


There was lots of book signing

and a happy day was had by all.





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