You can find all of Barbara Mitchelhill’s recent books here on this page. Scroll down to see the Damian Drooth series and the Eric series for younger readers. For more information on individual books, click on the titles or pictures.

Books for Older Readers

Billy’s Blitz

When War breaks out, Billy’s dad joins the army and most of his friends are evacuated from Balham, South London. But Billy’s mum doesn’t believe the bombs will ever fall on them and she refuses to send him and his … Read More

Twist of Fortune

Twist of Fortune

The Pargeter children have a happy life in the country. But when Pa leaves for America to seek his fortune, things begin to go badly wrong. They find themselves in the care of Aunt Maud and miserable Uncle Bert living … Read More

Road To London Cover

Road to London

When Thomas flees to London in search of life in the theatre, he meets his hero, William Shakespeare, and thinks his dream has come true. But Elizabethan London is a dangerous place full of scoundrels, treachery and murder. Read More

Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run

When Lizzie’s dad refuses to fight in the War, the police come looking to arrest him. Desperate to stay together, Lizzie and her brother Freddie go on the run with him, hiding in idyllic Whiteway. But when they’re forced to … Read More

Dangerous Diamonds

Dangerous Diamonds

After the shock of Dad’s sudden disappearance, Harry and Charlie scour Edinburgh to find him. But, as they step into a world of criminal activity, they soon discover that others are out to stop them. Then the twins find themselves … Read More

Storm Runners

Storm Runners

When dramatic storms batter a small Scottish island and reduce a village to ruins, Ally and Kirstie think they are the sole surviviors. But they meet Brad, the son of American scientists, and together uncover the terrifying truth about the … Read More

Kids On The Run

Have you ever been in deep, deep trouble, involved in a diamond robbery, on the run and chased by crooks? I have. It happened last year when I was least expecting it. Of course, my sister panicked, but I stayed … Read More

Books for Younger Readers

Eric and the Striped Horror

Eric is more sporty than brainy, but a big test is looming. Then his auntie sends him a very strange present: and ugly, stinky, stripy jumper with magical powers. It can turn the wearer into a genius. But will it … Read More

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Ace Detective

Damian Drooth Ace Detective

A fantastic value bind-up of three of the most popular Damian Drooth stories. The Case of the Popstar’s Wedding, The Case of the Disappearing Daughter and How to be a Detective

The Case Of The Disappearing Daughter

Damian Drooth wants to be a REAL DETECTIVE just like Sherlock Holmes. After training himself in the art of crime detection, he finally gets a chance to put his skills to the test when Trixibelle, the daughter of a bigshot … Read More

The Case of the Pop Star’s Wedding

A superstar singer, Tiger Lilly, is gettng married to a footballer. Who better to guard her fabulous wedding pressents than her number one fan, the genius private eye Damian Drooth? Only his mother has serious doubts. But Damian’s amazing brain … Read More

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: How To Be A Detective

Damian Drooth has already solved two cases to great acclaim (and uproarious chaos!), and now he thinks it’s time to pass on his skills. His students want practical experience, so he leads his seven eager trainees through the High Street … Read More

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Spycatcher

Damian Drooth has already solved three cases to great acclaim (and uproarious chaos!), and now he is passing on his skills to eager pupils. He has decided to help a friendly old man who thinks that his precious and hard-won … Read More

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Serious Graffiti

Damian Drooth is electrified to hear the Headmaster tell everyone off about graffiti in one of the school toilets. He immediately wants to bring all his powers of detection to bear to find the perpetrator – with his class of … Read More

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Dog Snatchers

When a neighbour’s dog goes missing, Damian and his gang of detective apprentices are called in to help find it. First they try posters – but for some reason the newsagent is not happy that they have super-glued their hand-drawn … Read More

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Under Cover

Damian’s amazing detective skills are called on when rich boy, Calvin Baggington, has his super-expensive bike stolen at the Green Park Holiday Village. With a brilliant and cunning plan, Damian solves the crime in style – but not before Mum’s … Read More

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Football Forgery

Damian Drooth, ace detective, stumbles on a new case at the local football ground. Someone is selling forged tickets and it’s up to our hero to find the culprit. After several false starts, the only evidence is a photo taken … Read More