Storm Runners

Storm Runners

When dramatic storms batter a small Scottish island and reduce a village to ruins, Ally and Kirstie think they are the sole surviviors. But they meet Brad, the son of American scientists, and together uncover the terrifying truth about the storms and the evil man who controls them.

Barbara Says:

I've spent many holidays in Scotland and I love the mountains and rugged coastline in particular. I had no difficulty in imagining a small Scottish island where strange things are happening and so that's where I set my story, with children cut off from the mainland, having to fend for themselves and face up to terrible dangers.


I got this book for my 9 year old son when he heard my husband and I discussing a book with a fast paced plot. He was desparate to move on to things with a bit more adventure and suspense, but had been put off by thicker tomes. This has danger, bravery and intrigue and even a bit that made him cry (you are lead to believe for a few pages that the dog in the story has been killed by a man with a gun - mercifully she's ok!). He couldn't (and wouldn't!) put it down and said it was the best book ever.

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