Road To London Cover

Road to London

When Thomas flees to London in search of life in the theatre, he meets his hero, William Shakespeare, and thinks his dream has come true. But Elizabethan London is a dangerous place full of scoundrels, treachery and murder. Thomas and his friend, Alice – a feisty girl with ambitions of her own – soon find themselves caught up in a treasonous plot to kill the queen. The question is: will they be able to find the villains without putting their own lives at risk? And what will happen to William Shakespeare if they don’t?

A galloping adventure with all the stink, grime and noise of Elizabethan London.

Shortlisted for the Historical Society’s Young Quills Award

Barbara Says:

I love the theatre. In fact, long ago, I wanted to be an actress. I also like history and I’m particularly interested in William Shakespeare and his group of actors, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. The worst thing was that, in Tudor times, girls weren’t allowed to perform on stage. It was thought to be shameful and so boys had to play the female parts.

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