Kids On The Run

Have you ever been in deep, deep trouble, involved in a diamond robbery, on the run and chased by crooks? I have. It happened last year when I was least expecting it. Of course, my sister panicked, but I stayed cool, sorted out the thugs, got Dad out of prison and wrote a best-selling novel at the same time. How did I do it?

Read this book and find out. It’s an awesome story. MAX

Click here to download some puzzles that can be answered from the book “Kids on the Run”.¬†When you have finished the puzzles click here to download the answers

Barbara Says:

I always wanted to write a book where the kids saved the grown-ups. The book above is about a boy called Max and his sister, Kaz. I like the idea of them keeping one step ahead of the criminals who got their dad into trouble. Very exciting.


Another seriously entertaining story from Barbara Mitchelhill, the author of the fast-paced and funny books about Damian Drooth and Eric. 'Michelhill's humour absolutely leaps off the page and the characters are brilliantly written.' - Birmingham Post

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