Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Under Cover

Damian’s amazing detective skills are called on when rich boy, Calvin Baggington, has his super-expensive bike stolen at the Green Park Holiday Village. With a brilliant and cunning plan, Damian solves the crime in style – but not before Mum’s blood pressure rises to new heights and the Holiday Village is thrown into chaos. Even Inspector Crockitt, hoping for a peaceful week’s break, becomes unwillingly and painfully involved.

Barbara Says:

Barbara says: When I was eight or nine, I used to pretend I was a detective, just like Damian. My friend, Liz, and I used to watch people walking down our street and we would write 'clues' in our notebooks. I don't remember catching any criminals!


The kids in my school are lucky. I have bought the series and after reading them all myself, will add them to the library for creasing, tattering and general over-use.

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