Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Gruesome Ghosts

When the new girl, Annabelle, begs Damian to investigate her grandparents’ haunted house, he doesn’t hesitate. In the dead of night, he and his trainee detective, Harry Houseman, come face to face with the ghosts that have been causing so much trouble. Damian himself creates a deal of chaos but, in the end, he uncovers an amazing crime. Even Inspector Crockitt has to admire his detective skills.

Barbara Says:

Barbara says: When I was eight or nine, I used to pretend I was a detective, just like Damian. My friend, Liz, and I used to watch people walking down our street and we would write 'clues' in our notebooks. I don't remember catching any criminals!


"Armed with only ghost-battering vegetables, a wooden cross and his mum's cracked mirror, the famous boy detective spends a night in a haunted house. Plenty of giggles." - Junior Education Plus

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