A Writer’s Christmas

Posted on by Barbara Mitchelhill

Christmas is a wonderful time and it’s no less so for writers.  At this time of year, I have a lull in my work process and it’s time to go shopping for presents and it’s time to cook all those delicious things that we eat at that time.

Ella and Eddie looking at my new Kindle!

This Christmas my big presents were a Kindle and an exercise bike.  The Kindle is wonderful for reading in bed although I have so many books as presents, it’s going to be some time before I add to my Kindle books.  The exercise bike is an attempt to keep ‘writer’s bum’ under control.  So far, I’ve managed to use it every day whilst watching TV – the only way to do it.  Any other way would be incredibly boring.

First time on the exercise bike

Christmas with all the family was perfect.  Now back to writing in January!

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